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Chloe, aged 14 yrs - December, 2018







The next content I will write in Chinese, because my English expression ability is really not very good. I was surprised when I received the information on this assignment. I really appreciate the course you brought me in this three-month period.

It's really helpful to my English. You are the first foreign teacher I have come into contact with, and I am the first foreigner. At first in class, I was really nervous and didn't know what to do or say.

But slowly, I think I should have been better than before. China has a word, is fate let us meet. At first I took the course just to improve my English score, but now I really like learning the language and learning English.

Thank you for all the tolerance you have been to me, I really like you.

If you see here, and thank you for your patience after reading the mess I wrote, it's nice to meet you, and I hope you'll get better, too.


29 January 2019

To where it may concern

We have known Ruth Grigg for four years now and we think its safe to say she one of the most amazing people we have ever encountered.

Mrs. Ruth Grigg was our son’s private English tutor since 2014. when we arrived in UK, our son Tedi, back then at the age of 8 couldn’t speak English at all. Mrs. Ruth Grigg taught him to speak, read and write in English. She helped him to build confidence doing his school homework and gave him loads of support throughout the learning process .

Mrs. Ruth Grigg is a good warm up teacher just to get your mind ready and set and she always makes learning fun and understandable she always has enthusiasm and creativity which was an inspiration for our son. This was definitely what we, as parents, would look for in a tutor . After all these four years, she became a new dear person in our family. Always smiling, laughing and joking. She managed to boost our son’s self-confidence and education.

Mrs. Ruth Grigg is thoroughly qualified for tutoring positions, she is a trustworthy person and she has lovely personality.

Yours sincerely Marius and Daniela Herbei