English Owls

     English as a Second Language 
            Children & Adults

We will supply and teach structured, quality lessons, based on the student's level and ability.

We will work with parents, provide feedback, and listen to students to provide high quality lessons.

We will be friendly, flexible,  but also structured, reliable and responsible, and aim to make our lessons enjoyable and rewarding.

We offer trial lessons for 15-20 minutes, free of charge.  

When we expand and employ new teachers, we will only employ suitable new tutors who are vetted, qualified and trained, and suitable to work on-line with your child.

We expect students / parents to get their children ready for learning and prepared for the lessons, including attending the lessons regularly and on time.  We prefer students to use headphones.

We expect students to stay in their seats (unless told otherwise!),  to be polite and respectful, and to finish their lessons.  

We expect payments in advance of lessons (either total cost or monthly payments).

We expect to be told of any changes or absences/cancellations of lessons in advance.