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            Children & Adults

OUR SERVICES include private and individualised tutorials and lessons (face to face), which are arranged and tailored to children's (youth or adult's) individual needs, whether it is vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening, or structuring sentences.  Lessons will be paced at the student's level and include games and activities OR overseas students can follow our on-line programme, with live teaching over the internet.

Young people and adults classes:

I can also teach teenagers and adults live and on-line.  Lessons are individually tailored to the learners level and needs, based on assessments before the lessons begin.   There are a variety of ESL lessons and activities,  focused on speaking, reading, listening, grammar, business English, idioms and much more!  Lessons may last from 30 to 45  minutes for adults. 

I also offer Functional English (beginner to intermediate levels) and Business English which is aimed at Intermediate to advanced level.  I have many interesting and interactive lessons that aim to improve your level of English!   I have several teaching platforms that we can use,  including Skype, or Zoom or Class-in.

On-line Children's Programme: (Overseas students):

I can help your children progress and achieve the art and skill of speaking, reading and writing in English!

I use a structured, integrated and progressive learning approach from beginners on upwards, in modules 1 to 10, with 5 levels, from beginners to natural-fluency.  Classes can be individual or in small groups.

I have themed all the lessons in the modules and lessons include: introductions and greetings, songs, games and activities,  reading-stories,  vocabulary and pronunciation, writing and basic English grammar.   I aim to make all lessons fun and engaging.

Each Module contains at least 6 - 7 lessons, except the advanced lessons, where there are 8 lessons per Module.  We adapt and tailor lessons to keep children motivated, and we teach at the child's pace.  I also give feedback to parents after lessons, continuously assess children's progress.  I give homework tasks where required.   

Lessons are for 30 minutes but, one lesson may need two sessions to complete, as the content is rich with materials and some parts of the lesson may need to be repeated to strengthen the student's understanding and grasp of the English language.

Module 1 - Level 1 - Animal Alphabet  (Beginners) Learn the alphabet, phonics,  vocabulary

                             – words and phrases, reading  and writing practice,  stories, activities, 

                             and basic punctuation.  

Module 2 - Level 1 - Numbers and Shapes (Beginners): Learn numbers 1 - 100,  2D & 3D

                             shapes,  and prepositions.   Children will learn vocabulary, reading, 

                             writing, stories & phrases, and  basic punctuation with games and


Module 3 - Level 2 - Myself and My Family 1 (Pre-Intermediate): Learn phonics - initial     

                             blends: sp, ch, sh, th, wh, sl, qu;  Punctuation and Grammar - full 

                             stops, capital letters, speech marks, exclamation marks, commas, 

                             question marks, apostrophes.

                             Vocabulary,  stories and reading and writing skills, all includes games 

                             and activities.

Module 4 - Level 2 - Myself and My Family 2 (Pre-Intermediate):  Learn phonics - digraphs

                             ou, ow,  ai,  R Blend words,  L Blend words,  S Blend words,  initial

                             blends, y as i or e.

                             Grammar - apostrophe's and future tenses.

                             Vocabulary,  reading (stories) and writing skills, games and activities.

Module 5 - Level 2 - My Community (Lower Intermediate): Learn phonics - 

                              End blends nk, nt, nd, mp,

                              ck and ke endings.  Silent a-e,  i-e,  o-e,  u-e.

                              Grammar:  an / an,  ing present tense,  common and proper 

                              nouns, pronouns, collective nouns, 

                              is/are,  plurals s or es,  hyphens and dashes.

                              Vocabulary,  reading (stories) and writing skills, games and activities.

Module 6 - Level 3 - Adventures 1 (Lower Intermediate): Learn phonics - 

                             digraphs: oa, ai, ea, ee, oi,

                             oy, ie, ei, ue, oo,  ow, ou.

                             Grammar:  verbs, adjectives, comparatives and superlatives, 

                             verbs and tenses -

                             er,  ed, ing endings.

                             Vocabulary,  reading (stories) and writing skills, games and activities.


Module 7 - Level 3 - Adventures 2 (Upper Intermediate):  Learn phonics and vocabulary: 

                             time words,  Tricky words phases 1-4,  Soft C & G words,  

                             Prefixes and Suffixes, compound  words.  

                             Grammar:  connectives & conjunctions, adverbs & adverbial phrases, 

                             tenses, past simple words & phrases, determiners, articles & sentence

                             construction.  Vocabulary,  reading (stories) and writing skills, games

                             and activities.

Module 8 - Level 4 - Around the World 1 (Upper Intermediate):  Learn phonics - 

                             silent letters:  silent g, silent k,  silent b,  silent t & l,  silent u,  silent w.

                             Grammar:  simple sentences, prefixes, past, present and future tense,

                             suffixes ed and ing,  compound sentences,  plurals ies & f to ves,  

                             sentence construction.  

                             Vocabulary,  reading (stories) and writing skills, games and activities.

Module 9 - Level 4 - Around the World 2  (Upper Intermediate):  

                             Learn phonics - homophones, 

                             soft C & G.   ti and ci words.

                             Grammar:  positive & negative sentences, conditional sentences,  

                             narrative voice,  active and passive voice,  direct and reported speech

                             Vocabulary,  reading (stories) and writing skills, games and activities.

Module 10 - Level 5 - Leisure, Sports & Hobbies 1 (Advanced): 

                               Learn punctuation - semi-colons 

                              Grammar:  plurals s, es, ies,  tenses past, present & future,  main and 

                              auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs,  compound sentences.

                              Writing Skills:  writing paragraphs, writing formal and informal letters,

                              writing emails,  writing a story,  writing a report.

                              Vocabulary,  reading (stories) and writing skills, games and activities.

Module 11 - Level 5 - Leisure, Sports & Hobbies 2 (Advanced): EXTRA 

                              Learn writing skills - writing an article,  writing an essay

                              Grammar & phonics - homophones,  silent K & b,  silent w & g,  

                              Silent u & c,  soft C and G.

                              Vocabulary,  reading (stories) and writing skills, games and activities.


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