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The owner and founder of English Owls, Ruth Grigg, is a native English teacher and speaker, born, living and working in the UK.  Ruth has worked with children in preschools, nurseries, schools for approximately 20 years and in private tuition for approximately 4 years.  Ruth also has a B.A. in Integrated Childhood Studies, Early Years Professional Development (Teacher Status) and has a distinction in TEFL - teaching English as a foreign language and has experience of teaching                  children on-line. 

For more information about Ruth's work with private students visit:  Private Tuition and Dyslexia Services

Our Children's Programme

We can help your children progress and achieve the art and skill of speaking, reading and writing in English!

We provide structured and progressive lessons from beginners on upwards, in modules 1 to 10, with 5 levels, from beginners to natural-fluency.  Classes can be individual or in small groups.

We have themed all the lessons in the modules and lessons include: introductions and greetings, songs, activities,  teaching points through stories and texts,  vocabulary and pronunciation, reading and writing and basic English grammar.  Each Module contains at least 6 - 7 lessons.  We adapt and tailor lessons to keep children motivated, and we teach at the child's pace.  We also give feedback to parents after lessons, continuously assess children's progress.  We give homework tasks where required. 

Children's Classes 

Module 1 - Level 1 - Animal Alphabet  (Beginners)

Module 2 - Level 1 - Numbers and Shapes (Beginners)

Module 3 - Level 2 - Myself and My Family 1 (Pre-Intermediate / Improvers)

Module 4 - Level 2 - Myself and My Family 2 (Pre-Intermediate / Improvers)

Module 4 - Level 2 - My Community (Pre-Intermediate / Improvers)

Module 5 - Level 3 - Adventures 1 (Intermediate)

Module 6 - Level 3 - Adventures 2 (Intermediate)

Module 7 - Level 4 - Around the World 1 (Intermediate / Efficiency)

Module 8 - Level 4 - Around the World 2  (Intermediate / Efficiency)

Module 9 - Level 5 - Nature (Natural-fluency)

Module 10 - Level 5 - Hobbies and Sports (Natural-fluency)

Young people and adults classes

We offer classes (individual or in small groups) in Functional English and Business English

at beginner, intermediate and advanced level.  Functional English is aimed at beginner and intermediate level learners.  Business English is aimed at Advanced level learners.  We have many interesting and interactive lessons that aim to improve your level of English! 

We have several teaching platforms we can teach from including Skype, Zoom, or ESL online.com.

We can also teach teenagers and adults live, (on-line) with Off2Class.   Lessons are individually tailored to the learners level and needs, based on assessments before the lessons begin.   There is a large library and variety of ESL lessons and activities,  focused on speaking, reading, listening, grammar, business English, idioms and much more!  

Watch the Off2Class video below!